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At any point of time, there is 40% of population that is at work in our country. The average life span @ work in 30 years. At Droplet, we believe that every 30 Years, at least half of this workforce should become “financially independent”. However, Financial Independence is still a relatively unknown term in our country. Our Mission is to educate the masses about Financial Independence.


  • The Child in the Air savors the moment. Because it has complete trusts that her mother would hold her up.
  • Likewise, we wish to win your trust so that you can enjoy the wonderful journey of Equity Investing.
  • Trust that you will believe, at Droplet, in each of our endeavors, we will keep your needs and expectation first.


  • The Ants reflect discipline. When it shines, they work hard with discipline so that they can live off the rainy days with peace.
  • We wish to inculcate the same discipline in your financial life.
  • We hope you will give it your best.


  • A Banyan Tree lives for generations and just by staying put, it becomes so huge and abundant.
  • We deal in a product that is inherently perceived risky. However, research has proven that longevity negates risk.
  • We wish, just like the Banyan Tree, you would remain stay put in the game for a longer period.
  • Thus, help your money become a Banyan Tree of Wealth.

The Droplet Team

Saravanan Viswalingam

Founding Partners

Steve Jobs. Dogma. Stock Markets. Down the Line. Over the Period of Time.

A huge fan of Steve Jobs, Saravanan’ s otherwise sleepy life lit up when the Professor at MCC spoke to him about the RPower IPO. A Commerce Post Graduate from Loyola, Saravanan’s life has failed the dogma that Stock Markets is risky. Years of reading and investing has made him a calm head at all times.

Down the line, Saravanan wishes to bring more people in to the equity markets and help them make wealth over a period of time.

Darama Prakash

Founding Partners

Suneet Tandon. Sidney Sheldon. Mute Orator. Technicals. Cross Overs. Wealth.

Having grown up listening to Suneet Tandon’s immaculate English Doordarshan, Dharam landed right into the books of Sheldon. An otherwise mute person can orate his way to minds and hearts of people.

Being from a Middle class family, Dharam believes that stock markets provide equal opportunity for everybody regardless of the social status. A huge of Technical Analysis, Dharam wants to create Positive crossover of Wealth and Middle class.



WhatsApp. Facebook. Loquacity.

A Commerce graduate from Madras University, Dinesh is always excited to talk about things he does not know. We are sure he believes that doing is learning. He does all his doing by Talking. Dinesh is always pumped up to do new things and is appreciative of people taking such endeavors.

Raj kumar


Gym, Eat, Gym, Cricket, Gym, Eat – Repeat in loop.

If Rajkumar were to build heaven, it will take tons of Iron and Steel. Because for him – Gym is Heaven. When God wrote the simplest coding when he programmed his Birth. He wrote 3 letters – GYM < EAT < REPEAT – and looped it with Until function. His friends are yet to find answer for “until when”. A Gym enthusiast, A Cricket fanatic, Raj Kumar Cost account cum Commerce Graduate from MCC, Chennai. Known for his simplicity, affable nature and honest reviews.

The Team at Droplets is mixed bag; nevertheless, what unites them is the thirst of being an entrepreneur. The Richest man of India gave his son a simple for formula to succeed. He said, “You have to solve a problem that actually does well in some way. That has to be the main objective of the business. If you only focus on financials returns, chances are that you would not become great”.

India is young country with millions graduating from Colleges and helping their Families migrate from one economic class to the other higher economic class. This has however unfurled the problem of poor financial planning and personal debt crisis in many of the Young earners’ life. The Five men have to come together to “solve this Problem that does well in some way” exactly as Mr Dhirubhai Ambani wanted it be done.

What Our Clients Say

“Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”

Bibin Mathew

Creative Director

“Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”

Vignesh Kumar

Business Manager

“Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”


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