A Tiffen for you Kid

I had get caught being honest rather than being caught lying. So let me agree, Out of sheer boredom and being a new user of Swiggy, I decided to pass my time off with some Swiggy browsing. There came my sister’s Kid –

“Kae Karo mama” (What are you doing Mama).
I told him, Ordering food for you dear.
He asked what are you ordering for me?
I asked what’s your favorite?
He said – Mini Idly. These Kids are so clear and spontaneous. Wow!.
So from Swiggy browsing we jumped to Swiggy eating. We ordered, We ate. Story ends.

I looked at the Price of the mini Idly.. INR 84.00.

The Financial Planner started to work. If i were to feed the kid, the whole month, It will come to INR 2,500 approximately. As like all the times, We always think there is so much we can achieve in terms of wealth, If only we can have Time on our side. As elders, we may have to some extent lost this valuable resource but fortunately Our kids have it intact.

Today, we parents want to give our kids the best of everything, Education, Health, Lifestyle so on.  In all the modern day circus, we inadvertently do the same mistake that our parents did. That is not saving for our kids. Something meant only for them and no one else. On these lines we said lets give our readers some food for thought. 

Imagine when you turned 30, Had your parents given you a sum of INR 30 Lacs, how wonderful would that have been. If you were wise, You would have used it as down payment for your House or bought a house outright saving yourself from life long EMI that we burden ourselves with or We would have pre-paid our Personal Loans bought for marriage or Interior for house or for our honeymoon trips. What is more Important is we can free ourselves from the debt trap that we are all in one way or other trapped in.

Alright, Where the 30 lacs come from? It would come from Mini-Idly I just ordered. Like I said, Monthly bill of Mini Idly would come to INR 2500. So we suggest that as soon as a Kid is born, We should start saving this measly amount for them every month. We have to save this only until the Kid’s 10th Birthday. We do not have to invest afterwards but remain stay invested until the Kid turns 30.

See your action in Numbers below –

So with investment of just 3 lacs, You can create a corpus of 1 Crore for your kid, When he/she turns 30.  Up above, We told a inheritance of 30 lacs from your parents, Why should we save to create a corpus of 1 Crore? That is because in 30 Years’ time, the inflation adjusted value of 30 lacs would be approximately 1 Crore. 

As always We leave it to the Prudence of our readers to decide whether to tiffin your kids’ financial health. All the best.


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